Why we now have too few ladies leaders | Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 …


  1. You want equality? If a man comes to pick up his rights after he didn't fight the battle, other men will give him rights but as second class. The same with women. You didn't fight any slavery battles and now you want to fight something that has practically been fought by everyone and its easier to make a transition. Not only that but you demand it like it has been long coming, its ridiculous.

  2. Fight your own battle. Women never made themselves be felt when men went to battle and die in the hundreds of millions. Women are the ones who should have defended us but they were ok with us dying. Now that the world is all easy and practical now you want equality and come out here to blame men after we died for you.

  3. So your bitching about nature playing out ??? Why

  4. Equality is a useless concept. Men and women have different biological and social characteristics and would therefore fit differently in different context. For example, Most men due it's biological makeup would be considered a better fit in Military( Body strength, No mentuation, no Child birth etc) compared to most women. Women on the other hand might find it easier than men to excel in work that is adaptible to their biological characteristic. The problem is nobody is talking about women right to live a dignified life. Equality as a whole can not be quantified and different people have different meaning for it. What women need is the protection to live in dignity and to be respected in home and outside. It is too bad that in the name of Women rights and equality Society is forcing them into Labor and sexualization. Men are bilogically better Bread winner while Women is biologically better house makers. We can push these limits by changing the context as more and more Work is becoming Non-manual but still Nature prevails. Women have to deal with two Jobs at the same time. One that nature has imposed on them and another that society is now enforcing on them.

  5. I am determined and ambitious in becoming a CEO. I never underestimate my abilities.

  6. The reason there are so many negative coments is that smart people realize that this is third wave feminism. There are so many unsubstanitated generalities in this propaganda.

  7. Chanakya was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. Refer Chankya's (ancient Indian visionary) quotes, you can get the answer for why we have few women leaders. "Anritam Sahasam Maya Murkhatramatilubdha Ashochatvam Nirdayatvam Strinam Dosha Swabhavaja." (Speaking false, starting a work without giving it any thought, daredevilry, deceitfulness, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty – these are basic of a woman’s nature.)
    "Agnirapa Striyo Murkha Sarpa Rajkulani Ch Nityam Yatyen Seryani Sadhya Pranharaani Shat" (Fire, water, women, fool, snake and the royal family – beware of all these. They can prove fatal.) Sagacious people never act upon a woman's advice for women are the cause of all domestics disputes. They are also solely responsible for instigating all felonious wars and sinful deeds. This is why saintly people refrain from even viewing the reflection of a woman.

  8. I can see the gender inequality in music programs and how few women composers there are. Less than 2% of works by women are performed in the well-known music venues. The same goes for women composers in the film industry. I do notice how my male peers tend to be more assertive and certain of their abilities whereas women tend to question their talents and abilities and run more insecurity. It’s time we start believing we are enough and we are worth getting these opportunities we are seeking.

  9. The only reason women can have a position in any job in the corporate world is because of affirmative action if the government didn't hold a gun to these corporations no women would be hired

  10. I CANNOT STAND HAVING A WOMAN AS A BOSS. They try to behave like a man but they fail because is not their nature. They are mean, dramatic, and they keep trying to prove that they can be a boss.
    God made them beautifully to take care our children and home.

  11. It's not a problem of choice or lack of opportunity….most woman are simply not interested.

  12. as a feminist, i disagree wholeheartedly with this talk. sandberg puts blame on women for not doing enough when the systems in place (corporate institutions, governments, etc) deliberately hold women back. we don't have women leaders not because there are none, but because systems hold them back. it isn't a woman's fault she won't be considered for promotions because she wants to have a family, it is the COMPANY'S for not accommodating this aspect of womanhood. Not to mention, this idea that sandberg speaks of is very similar to trickle down economics in that if we have more women at the top, their success will reach the women at the bottom, making less than a dollar a day. THIS DOES NOT WORK. what this talk does is individualizes an international struggle that all women experience on one degree or another. by separating and blaming women for the faults of the (male-led) institutions, it hinders change from happening. this is called "neoliberal feminism," and it is INVALID.

  13. The only women she regards in her analysis are upper-middle to upper class overwhelmingly white professional women – around 35% of the female work force. The remaining 65% have always worked and continue having to work except now, as they are often the sole bread-winners, they must do so longer and harder while depriving their own children of nurturing. Social engineering "experts" of her own class forced non-professional women to work longer and harder doing manual labor for rich white women, while they were busy conquering the universe in the professional sphere, by driving men out of low-income households through means of the crooked welfare system, and it is the children of both classes who suffer for it. But those women don't exist in her universe as anything more than "human resources" to be exploited to the max, just as Facebook views it's subscriber base.

  14. The happiest women I know are at home minding their own business. They are very content and it shows!!!!

  15. She's basically saying be more "masculine" in a negative way. Be a d*ck. Ladies, please ignore this stupid talk.

  16. Why there are few number of women in coal mining,Truck driver,military,dangerous jobs? Feminist wants only priviges.

  17. This is so good 😊 thank you!

  18. Я согласен, что на высших уровнях правления женщин куда меньше, чем мужчин. Но взгляните на региональный уровень, здесь количество женщин достигает 80% (!), они понимают, что пробиваться дальше не смысла, т.к на тебя будет возложена огромная ответственность, поэтому с помощью связей ( зачастую половых ) пробиваются в муниципальную власть и живут себе препиваючи!

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