The best way to use a stud finder to find a stud.

How to use a stud finder to locate a stud with a stud finder and without a stud finder Visit me on


  1. You can use woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  2. when i drill in the middel of what my finder says is a stud, there is no stud… what could be wrong here…???

  3. What if it’s telling you your studs are four inches wide between marks and you know they are not.?

  4. My wall does not have an outlet on it.

  5. Thank you for explaining

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  7. You are AWESOME! Thank you!!

  8. I made it myself thanks to woodprix website.

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  11. Thanks a million, askmediy.

  12. I think that he needs to be more careful of electrical wires.

  13. Nice and charismatic person… Thank you it was helpful

  14. Great video, thanks! How do I ensure there are no electric cables/plumbing before I start drilling into a stud?

  15. Thanks Dominick. Like your style.

  16. This was helpful. One follow up question: after you find the outlet stud, how far over left and right would the edges of the next stud be to the edge of your first stud? In other words, how much gap is typically between the edges of two studs?

  17. Coming from another video where the guy described the lights totally differently, and of course it didn't work for me. Thats because you are correct and he was full of shit, causin g me to poke 5 or 6 holes through my drywall which hit nothing but air.
    He said "calibrate by holding button, then slide the stud finder across (like you do). Then he said "the top light indicates one edge of the board, the bottom light indicates the other edge of the board, and in between represents the center of the board". This guy was trying to pass himself off as an expert, but I just tested your way with the same old Archer Stud Finder that failed me using the other guys method, and yours worked.
    I promptly told him that his method was useless. Thanks much for the video, now I dont have to trash my stud finder!

  18. thanks man, super useful

  19. Hey Dom. Thanks for posting. Never have been clear on finding studs correctly. Feeling better now that my TV isn't going to fall off the wall later! 😁

  20. Dominick the Genius, love watching your videos. Ok time for me to find that stud and hang the TV stand.

  21. In the ceiling of my garage of a house built in 2007, the studs are 18" or 19" apart, which makes no sense. I am hanging up a pullup bar that needs to support at least 300 lbs. So, I have to be sure what is up there. I may have to open up the ceiling.

  22. ya but with that method you found just that one stud unless every stud has an outlet on it it's kinda useless

  23. Thanks Dom, that was some helpful info..

  24. What brand is that stud finder? It seems to work well. I can't seem to find one that works right.

  25. I thought a "stud" was a nail. I was looking for a nail detector. What is called a stud by Americans is called a dwang by the joiners I've worked with in Scotland.

  26. does it work for light switches too?

  27. thanks alot man, great tip

  28. Just learned something new. Thanks buddy.

  29. great video very helpful indeed and very entertaining as well great job man keep it up

  30. This is what i needed. Old school stuff.
    Thanks bro!

  31. Your advice has been very helpful BUT how do you avoid live wires and such when your using a basic stud finder and/or a stud that's right next to an electrical outlet? I'm new to this and worried about hitting a wire or pipe in my quest for a wall-mounted tv (bedroom shares its best wall with bathroom).

  32. Thanks bro, I'm hanging a TV mount and I wasn't sure where the stud was cause my house 35 yrs old and the stud finder was being weird, but this did the job. I just found it and then measured the distant between until I got to where I wanted then checked with nail and boom! Ty bud again!

  33. Great video, I really like your teaching sytle

  34. Are the studs 16 inches apart in a mobile home also?

  35. Thanks Dom. Drunk me will wait until sobered. But it makes complete sense v

  36. i want you to find my mom stud  is this possible

  37. The only people I trust are people who don't trust electronics.

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