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Transposit is a game-changer that allows me to go from “idea” to “enterprise deployment” in just an hour of app logic, instead of spending days or weeks integrating data, authentication, server clusters, and passing security review. — Stephen Trusheim, principal and head of operations at SignalFire

Transposit, the world’s first API composition platform that frees developers from the considerable grunt work of composing disparate APIs, has raised $12.2 million for a series A round of funding led by Sutter Hill Ventures; SignalFire and Unusual Ventures participated in the round. The company has also launched a public beta and its API composition platform is now available to developers.

Transposit was created by CTO Tina Huang, a former senior engineering leader at Apple, Google and Twitter who led work on API integrations and external API commercialization at those large-scale organizations, and CEO Adam Leventhal, creator of popular performance analysis and troubleshooting tool DTrace and former CTO of Delphix, a database virtualization company. The duo came together in 2016 to solve what they saw as a growing problem for developers caused by the explosion of SaaS and APIs driving development.

The average development team deals with as many as hundreds of internal and external APIs, and each API has its own steep learning curve. According to a 2018 Pusher survey, the average developer in the United States uses at least 18 APIs to power their applications. API sprawl is a growing problem: more than 2,000 new APIs are published every year. Several products exist to help developers connect with APIs, but connectivity is the tip of the iceberg. After setting up API connections, composing those APIs to aggregate data and integrate their mechanisms is a manual and laborious process. It requires days, weeks, and sometimes months of developer time, as well as ongoing maintenance. When working with SaaS APIs, developers spend the majority of their time on overhead, mechanics, and repeated work rather than the core insights that make their applications unique and innovative.

Transposit’s API composition platform aims to ease the challenges of working with the deluge of APIs by bringing the power of a relational database to the API ecosystem. The Transposit relational engine translates standard SQL into optimized execution against APIs. Developers produce applications that can be shared and reused. They get to focus on their core application logic rather than the considerable grunt work of composing disparate APIs.

Initial connectors available in the Transposit beta include popular developer tools such as:

  • AWS (Lambda, S3, ECR, Cloudwatch, and more)
  • Google (G Suite, Analytics)
  • CircleCI
  • Elasticsearch
  • GitHub
  • Jira
  • PagerDuty
  • SendGrid
  • Slack
  • Stripe
  • And more

Developers can create and publish API-dependent apps on Transposit to share with the community for replication and re-use. Existing sample apps include:

  • AWS automation – Manage deployments and maintenance such as container image, ECS, and S3 cleanup.
  • Airtable applicant tracker – Layer permissions on top of an Airtable applicant tracking base, allowing interviewers to see only specific information.
  • Slack vacation helper – Automatically set your Slack status while your Google Calendar says you’re away on vacation.
  • Personalized email sender – Pass inputs to a custom email template, preview before sending, and send.
  • Calendar placeholders – Duplicate (and obfuscate) events from your personal calendar to your work calendar, so your coworkers can see you’ll be busy, but not any other details.

Transposit will charge on a consumption model, with a free community tier for all public applications and one private application and starting at $10 per month for private repositories. Developers can sign up for the public beta at

Sutter Hill Managing Director Sam Pullara joined the Transposit board when the company previously raised $3.2 million in seed funding from Sutter Hill Ventures. In addition to Pullara, Leventhal, and Huang, the board includes veteran executive and Atlassian board member Kirk Bowman.

“Until now, everyone has been focused on making it easier to connect APIs. That’s important to solve, but it only addresses a small piece of the problem. The real work begins when you try to bring together those APIs to build useful applications: since there’s been no standard way to compose, developers tediously wire together pieces in what often looks like spaghetti code. The result is fragile and rarely reusable. We created the Transposit composition platform to serve as the missing universal translation layer providing developers clean building blocks with which to compose APIs.” — Tina Huang, CTO and co-founder at Transposit

“In 2008 when I was working at Yahoo! on YQL, the concept of having a simple query language for intermixing APIs was incredibly compelling to developers, but that vision was never fully realized. Back then, APIs were open, friendly, and much simpler to work with. Now, the ecosystem has become mind numbingly complex, requiring authentication and a lot of ops work just to get anything to function properly. What Transposit has built is the modern solution to that complexity, and I believe it’s going to be a sea change in improving the way developers work with APIs.” — Sam Pullara, managing director at Sutter Hill Ventures and board member at Transposit

“The big unforeseen consequence of the move to SaaS is that developers no longer have close control over much of their data. Most of the time, that data is now sitting inside of services accessible through APIs. This shift has put more burden on developers, forcing them to spend more time on tactical overhead and less time on what makes their applications unique. This problem is just becoming more acute; the industry needs a solution. Our mission at Transposit is to let developers cut to the core of what makes their applications cool and fun, transforming and composing APIs while we take care of all the overhead and hard work that needs to happen under the hood.” — Adam Leventhal, CEO and co-founder at Transposit

“As enterprises have tilted away from managing all of their data internally towards more diverse models that incorporate a variety of SaaS and managed service offerings, the friction for developers in getting access to the data they need has skyrocketed. With data becoming more distributed across an array of internal and external services, to be productive developers will need tools that allow them to spend more time putting data to work using standards they know like SQL and less time dealing with the tedious logistics of access and mapping an application to dozens of unique APIs. This is the functional challenge that Transposit was built to meet.” — Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst at RedMonk

“At SignalFire, we provide tons of resources into helping our portfolio companies, including with unique data and API-driven SaaS tools. Transposit is a game-changer that allows me to go from “idea” to “enterprise deployment” in just an hour of app logic, instead of spending days or weeks integrating data, authentication, server clusters, and passing security review. I first saw Transposit as a tool to help us develop better tools, but after seeing its power, we knew we had to invest too.” — Stephen Trusheim, principal and head of operations at SignalFire

About Transposit

Transposit empowers developers to build API-dependent applications effortlessly with the world’s first API composition platform. By bringing the power of a relational database to the ecosystem of APIs, Transposit frees developers to focus on building creative solutions instead of the considerable grunt work of composing disparate APIs. Based in San Francisco, Transposit was founded in 2016 by former DTrace co-author and Delphix CTO Adam Leventhal, and Apple, Google, and Twitter engineering leader Tina Huang, and is backed by Sutter Hill Ventures, SignalFire and Unusual Ventures. Visit to learn more.

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