Methods to make a Bio-gas Digester

This is a quick project demonstration on how to build a bio-gas Digester. This Demo is design for everyone but specifically to help low and average income …


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  4. pls make the video step by step so that every one understand.and tell how much raw material required to run for two hours.waiting for reply

  5. Muito bom like inscrição para fortalecer.

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  9. I have lots of videos on biogas and how to build bio digesters check out my youtube channel


  11. Poorly presented. It seems like the presenter neither know science nor Practical view.

  12. how much 80s music should u play daily? and could I speed up the process by installing a stereo inside of the 2nd tube? my understanding is that 80s music playing inside the tube will act as a catalyst to the microbial process, please correct me if im not getting something

  13. Will be able to compress the gas using a compressor to a cylinder for later use?

  14. Since the water barrel is open I would suggest some form of flexible cover or regular dosing of anti mosquito larvae pellet in water to minimize mosquito breeding.

  15. can you redo this without such gawd awful noise? horrible

  16. Is biogas soluble in water???

  17. can u make the video in depth showing each an every step plzz

  18. Why should the feed tube be immersed in water?

  19. It's any easy way generating renewable, and environmental friendly energy.

  20. totally 3rd class demonstration with confusion ,misleading and betraying….just shut up and close your damn attempt…………idiot

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