Ice Maker Restore

Common problems with a Whirlpool Icemaker. More Help: Learn how the icemaker’s …


  1. The 335 thumbs down must be home appliance technicians.

  2. Great video, thanks for the test points. I am assuming the fridge is unpluged during testing for Ohms.

  3. Well done. 9 years later still helpful.

  4. the best video Ive seen yet on the subject !!!!

  5. This is helpful but my refrigerator has a solid white cap over the plug and i've tried to squeeze it, pull it in different directions, and jiggle it up and down but it won't come loose. I fear to pull on it too much as it moves the backplate of the fridge. have you run into this?


  7. I'll make you lunch. come over n fix my icemaker. Mr appliances wants $249!

  8. Great detailed video, I've been getting icicles and large pieces of frozen ice in the bottom. I adjusted the screw you mention at the end of the video, its now 1/2 way to the right. But on the next cycle I could still see dripping water below the pan in 2 different places. What else should I do?

  9. Thank you!! I think this saved me so much money!

  10. Too bad this video doesn't come up first in the search results. Excellent and thorough!

  11. do you have this video for the frigidaire ice maker that is modular? mine want to keep making ise and the bail up will shut off the unit. i think it is a timing issue. thanks

  12. Just wanted to say Thank you for the info. I knew absolutely nothing about the icemaker in my fridge I'm sure that sometime in the future this is going to save me money.

  13. The dial on my whirl pool ice maker constantly turns and no water flows down. I did the by pass test and water down flow down. There is adequate water pressure going into the fridge. The fridge does dispense water normally. Does anyone know what the problem is?

  14. this is the best video Ive seen in a long time….Thank you so much!

  15. what if you check all those things with the multi meter and everything seems to be saying its working but the ice maker still does not produce ice.

  16. I replaced the ice maker and water valve in my Maytag refrigerator model#m9bxxgmymoo, verified that water is not obstructed and still not producing ice. It seems that power is not getting to the device. Where do I go from here.

  17. My ice-maker wont stop making ice. Nobody seems to address my scenario.

  18. You Tube is wonderful! My ice maker stopped working and from viewing this video I discovered that possibly the cause was water frozen in the tubing. Used my hair dryer on it and voila it’s now making ice! So happy! Thanks!

  19. 8 years to the month later, your video is still super helpful for my old ice maker. Thank you!

  20. Great video! I get a resistance of 73 on both the heater and the thermostat, however if I open it up and connect directly to the thermostat, I get continuity on the thermostat. Is it normal to have that much resistance added on those short traces? Also the resistance of the motor is 9.3K, is that my problem, and do you sell a replacement?

  21. this is one of the best video for the common problems of refrigerator ice maker. its really helps

  22. It's sad that ice makers are so poorly made that millions have had to watch this.

  23. Prior to using the test points with a VOM, is it sufficient just to turn the refrigerator control to the off position?

  24. Great video but still stumped. No ice coming from my 20 y.o. SubZero 550. Did a bunch of tests tonight that took far too long since it was my first time. But now, I'm not sure how to read them. Can you help diagnose the problem and solution from the following data:
    L to N: 119 volts
    L & H: 76.7 ohms
    L & M: Jumped all over the place when I did multiple times and ranged from 84 to 120 to 160 or 180 ohms at varying times.
    V & N: 169 ohms
    T & H: Nothing

    When I jumped, the following happened:
    L to T: Nothing happened
    T to H: Nothing happened
    N to M: Wheel turns
    L to V: Nothing

    Tempted to call repairman and spend the big bucks unless you think it's a clear solution from the above? What do you think is the problem? Solution? THANK YOU!!!!

  25. I see in the video there is a green light on–Mine is not on what does that mean?

  26. Thanks a million!! I cannot believe my appliance really was NOT leaking… I simply thought I was adjusting a screw for more ice PRODUCTION… when I was turning my WATER PRESSURE all the way up!! Guess my fix was FREE!! I'd been watching person after person fumble around their dark freezer with crappy audio that never even MENTION that adjustment!! Months of wondering why the hell all this water was suddenly splashing/leaking has finally come to an end. TYVM

  27. This is the best video I have ever seen
    Nice job

  28. Great Video thank you very detailed and totally helpful!

  29. Thank you for the excellent video! Content is highly informative , clear, concise and comprehensive. I especially appreciate the instructions on testing components including the correct resistance values, I think that info would be very difficult to find and saved hours of research.

  30. Great video covering everything about the ice maker. Question: When the thermostat closes and starts the timer motor and ice cube mold heater, will the motor be stalling against the ice cubes for a little while until the heater makes the cubes release? My ice maker went out, and I tested the resistance of my timer motor and it shows an open circuit. So apparently it has burned out, and I'm wondering if the reason is because these motors get stalled out for a brief period (which might be hard on them) each time the cubes are being heated up for release. I checked the function of the thermostat and the heater resistance, and they look normal, so the heater is apparently working fine.

  31. This is a fantastic video. I had been searching for awhile trying to find anything on this style of ice maker to adjust the size of cubes, I was getting the overflow effect. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  32. Heheheheeheheheh… He said high quality h20…….. that waterboy…

  33. This video was exactly what I needed to troubleshoot and repair my icemaker.

  34. Clear and concise! No wasted words! Thanks!

  35. Thanks so much! This videos was perfect for the quick fix I needed. Is there a way we can diy re-coat the ice tray to keep the ice from sticking to bare metal?

  36. This video is entitled “ice maker repair” but it’s not about repair at all.

  37. Great Video explaining how it works! Once my ice is frozen, nothing is happening. If I lift the lever manually – it seems to initiate the motor/harvesting arm and heater, eventually ejecting the ice and allowing water to refill. Any ideas on what the problem is? thermostat?

  38. My ice maker is making hollow cubes. What would cause that?

  39. Nice video, which part will cause the water to continue to push water into tray???

  40. Where did the water supply tube magically come from?? The frozen tube in your hand at 2:30 in the video was not the same tube in your hand before.

  41. Well Done ! Watched several other videos where they only showed how to replace the unit. But yours had all the detail I was looking for. I wanted to know how the water fill is controlled in the icemaker – by simple timing, or using a sensor. Your video answered that and gave guidance on how to troubleshoot and adjust it… Thank You !

  42. Great video. Crisp, precise, and packed with advice.

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