HEAT WON'T TURN ON How Check in case your Thermostat is Damaged Defective Dangerous Zone Valve Boiler Furnace Restore

Steps to test Thermostat below Fix it yourself! Heater fails to turn on it does not mean you have a faulty heating system or need an expensive repair.


  1. Thanks for the easy tip for checking wires. Heat went out on my Nest Thermostat and issue was a loose wire

  2. Thanks, my screws were tight but it was dusty, wiped the cover part off with a dry cloth and then used canned air on the wall part and the cover, put it back together and voila heat is working, always check your batteries also, and try reset button using a paperclip, and I also shut off the switch in main electric box, then back on, I checked all those first!

  3. Just on time👍 place it’s cold 67f

  4. Oh my god you just saved me so much money thank you so much!

  5. Absolutely love it!!!!!!!>>> Such a convenience when away from home or too lazy to get off the couch either one lol

  6. My heater stopped working for the longest time and I finally got it to work following your method!! Thanks so much!

  7. This video worked for me today.

  8. I can not reach to the target temperature on the thermostat, as it does no turn on the fan?? this is a filtrete 3M thermostat, upstairs seems ok but downstairs do not respond

  9. What if I have the thermostat at 73 degrees. And the temperature keeps rising to 86 degrees.

  10. Wow thanks this actually worked

  11. Holy shitsnacks this worked for me! Thanks a million.

  12. I set the temperature to 73 but the heater only turns on again if the reading goes down to 65. Is this normal? Shouldn't the heater turns on again as soon as the reading goes down below 73 to maintain the desired temp? Pls. advise

  13. You are saved me and I really appreciate this video. With the temperature clocking 87, two young kids (one and three years) and money a little scare, I was getting desperate but could sure not afford to call a service engineer.
    Not this week! Then I saw your very succinct troubleshooting video, as soon as everything click I could hear the con start. 🙂

  14. Do you know what would cause the downstairs heat to work but shuts off if I turn the upstairs heat on & vice verse. They won't work if they're are both on?

  15. Thank you so much!! We woke up to a cold house this morning and realized that the heater stopped working sometime during the night. Tried turning the furnace pilot light off, then back on, but no joy. Finally googled and came upon your repair tips. Found out two screws were very loose. Tightened them and the furnace is up and running!!

    My cat just passed away today, so this was really the last thing I wanted to deal with. Thank you so much, again!! Best wishes to you.

  16. Our apartment has been ~55F for the last week. Tightening the screws did it. ¯_ (ツ)_/¯
    Embarrassing or not, we now have heat!

  17. Thank you. Your instructional video solved my problem. Tightened the screws and blew out the dust, working fine now.

  18. Thank you. We found our problem at your Step 3 which fix came just in time as the temperature outside has started to drop.

  19. Thank you, thank you so much.  I woke up this morning and it is really cold here in Sunny California this morning.I'm a single mom and I do not know a thing about thermostats.  I viewed your video and, what do you know, I got the heat to come on.  Blessing to you and yours.

  20. My thermostat (brand new) doesn't always send the signal to my furnace. when it doesn't, I reset my thermostat and it works fine. Sometimes it will work fine for a week and sometimes I gotta reset it 2-3 times a day.

  21. I need help, any ideas on that Braeburn 3220. It's freezing in here.

  22. Just installed a new braeburn 3220 thermostat. AC works fine but heater won't turn on.

  23. temp will drop alot depending how cold it is outside. ..natural gas heat.. reset the times on it…

  24. my heater will kick on once and get up to set temperature… after that the fan just blows and temperature drops…any ideas??

  25. Thank you for posting saved me a lot of money it was a lose white wire I have the exact thermostat tighten it up heat came on

  26. Thank you for posting this. I have a different brand and today it just started resetting itself for no reason and the display just kept blinking. If I took the thermostat off the wall, it would stop blinking/resetting. I just loosened and retightened a few screws, replaced the thermostat, and it was back to working like normal again.

  27. I've the same model but my AC not working I reset it and it still not coming on

  28. I was having the same issues with my thermostat(same brand), this helped me out alot, thank you!!

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