Gasoline Line Configuration On 2 Cycle Ryobi Grass Trimmer

In this video I show you the fuel line configuration on a 2 cycle Ryobi grass trimmer. If your trimmer looks the same but branded differently it will also be the same …


  1. Do you know where I can find a ryobi RWT285DS weed wasp throttle cable please?

  2. This video is spot on. Thanks for putting it together. Two days ago after an 11yr hiatus from yard work, I pulled my weed wacker out, started it right up with about two pulls, then the fuel lines crumbled and fell off (while the engine was still running). A quick search revealed there is a ryobi fuel line replacement kit at Home Depot for $7. Luckily I found this video and had my Ryobi 31cc model 775R weed wacker in nearly new perfect condition pretty quickly. Wouldn't have been able to do it without this video.

    The fuel line kit is Model # AC04122 Internet #202042562 Store SKU #852510 and the URL is

  3. Wow, that's EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you. I like that you keep it simple and straight forward. I'll be back for more instruction as needed. Appreciate it.

  5. Thanks bro…had to replace my primer bulb and forgot which was in and which was out…just what I needed!

  6. Clear, concise and to the point. I own a Troy Built of the same type. You make it very easy to fix my weed eater. Cheers.

  7. Donyboy i have a Ryobi gas trimmer like this in the video , i want to replace the fuel lines can you tell me the sizes please thanks

  8. can you fix my weed wacker on your YouTube channel

  9. Well done and very easy to understand and see!

  10. Excellent video, i am reparing one for a friend, however on the bottom of the fuel tank where you have the white circular piece that pushes into the fuel tank and the fuel line attatches to it, i cant seem to locate any of those push in type grommets/lugs , any ideas if they can be purchased seperately to the tank and if so what is the correct name for the part? TIA

  11. how do you remove the clutch on this model????

  12. I couldn't get my Titan 25cc trimmer running properly until I saw your video Thanks for posting it. once you realise that the primer bulb pressurises the fuel line and doesn't supply fuel to the carb, that fuel comes directly from the tank filter line. everything works ok.

  13. HELP! Hey Donny boy 73. After a carb kit install on a ryoby 700r , I have fuel dripping out of the carb while running. Of course adjusting, is so far, impossible.

  14. HI, i have an issue with my ryboi 2 stroke trimmer and wondering if you can help me out. First, i have not used it in 15 years. I put fresh gas in it with 2 stroke oil mixed and it started up after two tries of following the instructions on the handle. I used to it wack weeds around my landscaping bed. then it started to shut off and shut off. I started it again, but this time, the weird thing is that even at idle, the trimmer head is spinning and then it shuts off. so it runs for like 10 to 15 seconds, spins head even when i do not have the trigger engaged, then shuts off. Any thoughts on what could be causing it to spin the trimmer head in the partial choke position and run position when trigger is not pressed? Thanks.

  15. So what do i need to check for not getting fuel to spark plug?

  16. I found the exact same one in the trash today I took it home clean the carburetor put gas in it and it started up but started leaking i just touch the fuel line and it crumbled in my fingers….what size are the lines? Great video by the way!

  17. e saver, All the fuel lines between tank and primer blub had rotted off both of them were missing. This video is a life saver now I know were they go and I wrote it down in the owner manual so I know the next time it happens. Thank for the help

  18. YOU ARE THE MAN! I took out my grass trimmer/edger and the fuel lines were broken apart (age) from my moving and had no idea where they went. Your clear, quick, and EXACT (1/2" into the bottom of the tank) instructions saved me. Thank you so much!

  19. Great video.  That first fuel line just sticks in the tank… mine is leaking at that point.  Is there no grommet or connector that I'm perhaps missing?  Maybe I'm using the wrong size line.  What size fuel line should that be?  Thanks!

  20. I have Ryobi 790r and 725r and PRIMER BULB lasts about 1 season and keeps BREAKING OVER AND OVER AND OVER(About $6) EACH season to replace! PLASTIC JUNK unlike the RUBBER one that has lasted 20+ yrs on my lawnmower! Is there any video or how to BYPASS primer bulb to run engine as I don't care about pumping gas for quick starts! My chainsaws(STIHL) do not have primer bulbs and start, so should trimmers!

  21. Thank you SO MUCH it must be a very common problem with these models

  22. FYI.  My Ryobi (2800r) weed wacker didn't start.  I checked the plug,  I checked the fuel and ball. It all looked good.  I discovered the THROTTLE CABLE SHEATH became unhooked at the carb.   I just had to rehook the throttle cable sheath.

  23. Excellent, you don't go through the music and useless minutiae that so many other web help guru's do. Thank you for being clear and to the point.

  24. very Helpful ! thanks mate

  25. donyboy …thanks much for theses videos! I am not great with this stuff, but your videos have allowed my to repair/rebuild 3 of my year tools by myself. you do a great job of explaining. 

  26. Very helpful, thank you for posting! 

  27. Hi there I am replacing my fuel lines on Ryobi 725R   do I have to get a smaller diameter line for the connection from bulb to top of carb?

  28. This was not right for my situation, the lines coming out of the primer-bulb were reversed from in this video.  The longer of the two connectors is the out connected to the carb and the shorter is the in, which should be connected to the tank

  29. A great video but harder for me than you. Thanks

  30. Thanks what size are the fuel lines

  31. What are the part numbers for those fuel lines?

  32. whar is the air filter on that modol

  33. how do you get the gas tank off?

  34. I have a new strimmer not of the same make.  One of the fuel lines comes out of the gas tank and then ends with some kind of a cap.  I cannot see another connection into the carb.  But the strimmer does not start and it does not look like fuel is getting into the carb – priming does not flood the sparkplug.  Any thoughts?

  35. just what i needed a detailed video great job it fixed my weed eater

  36. dony, i have a eager beaver 287 bc mcCulloch and the carburetor setup looks the same. Before i watched this video i did multiple configurations and at one configuration the setup worked, for a bit. I had to push the primer to keep the weed eater running. i cannot find out what is wrong with the weed eater. I have 2 hoses running from the tank. one hose is about 1/2 inch out inside the tank and the other hose is with filter

  37. Great video and explanation. I found a Ryobi Mk11 at the dump and brought it home for parts but it seems free in the motor, just won't start. I checked the fuel lines and they were perished and falling off. Your video will give me the chance to try and fix the machine. Thanks, great job!

  38. Can you show how ryoby weed model centrifugal clutch can be checked/repaired? Love your videos.

  39. Identical to my grandfathers weedeater…

  40. thanks for the feedback

  41. donyboy, I watched several well done video wise same topic of fuel line routing to Ryobi..after 4 different ones I viewed yours and it is the most graphic and simply explained than all the others! Even cleared mystery of how far purge tube goes into tank at 1/2 inch. Thanks for making it all clear!

  42. I found one on the side of the road I mean

  43. How one on the side of the road

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