hydronic heating .i cleaned boiler to get her heat for now ,i will be changing out boiler in a fue days,.. do not try what you see in this video unless your trained and …


  1. I just had this done on my boiler. 4 weeks later and build up of soot is back. I feel like I just dumped $350 down the drain for the service. What would be causing this?

  2. You should never flush the fire side of a boiler with water. The combination is equlivant to ACID rain. It will eat away at thin metal surfaces, bad for the environment. I guess adding water to fire side of boiler is considered job security.

  3. the pros don't want ppl to DIY due to loss of profit.

  4. What kind of vacuum is that? Ive never seen a metal vac hose. Nice!

  5. Awesome video, I have the same boiler , with the same problem.. What kind of meter was that you used?

  6. I wouldn't have thought of a gas fired appliance sooting up, but I guess like any other fuel if you run it rich…These videos are better than any advertising you could do. Your work speaks for itself! I bet her utility bills would have gone way down as the boiler could have heated the water more efficiently with all the surface area you opened up!

  7. Where are you located? What do you charge for a normal boiler cleaning?

  8. Love the videos Steve..question..after cleaning out a gas boiler like this, do you recommend replacement? Or let it run till this happens again?

  9. HEY let me just say your videos are great thanks
    on a different note what kind of insulation are you using on the top of the boiler
    thanks again

  10. goodmorning steven whats the name of that cotton that you use on the top of the heater when you finish

  11. all that cleaning that unit should last more than a a few weeks

  12. hay steven what is the name of that long tool your useing what's it called what is that cotton your using

  13. Steve, what brand is that tool you clean heat exchangers? Looks like saw…

  14. seems like it is easier using an extension on the compressor hose tip so that the soot will not be on your face. hope you're wearing a mask. Like you said "So you want to be a plummer".

  15. Hey how are you doing? Thank you for posting these great videos. When the boiler have soot does it need to be change. Are you ever in queens area, if so I would like for you to work on my boiler. You can contact me at 718 2071337. Thank you in advance.

  16. That's the same boiler I have man

  17. Would that mean that the boiler is not getting enough air?

  18. Very good work! are we ready for the split's and combi's!? lol

  19. My Gas hydronic boiler is so gunked up . . . My local HVAC wants to charge $2000 to pull my boiler out. pressure wash it, and re install. Is that crazy?

  20. Outstanding work – I work for AO Smith tech support. Good to see a tech knowing his business.

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