Garden Mower Restore : Troubleshooting a Garden Mower

Common failures of a lawn mower include a lack of clean fuel in the gas tank, a spark plug wire that’s not attached and a brake cable that’s not functioning …


  1. my lawnmower blows black smoke and carbons up the spark plug very badly

  2. I have a 18hp twin craftsman riding lawn mower. There is oil being drawn into the air filter at a rapid rate. Ent answers why.

  3. I have a small lawn and this works perfectly.>>>    Much easier to start, quieter, and less smelly than a gas-powered lawn mower. It is smaller and not a powerful as a gas mower, but for what I need, it is perfect. I got the heavy-duty cord as others have said, and had no problems at all

  4. Metal piece inside gas cap dropped inside gas tank…How can I retrieve it ?

  5. mower starts and then just raises to high speed. this is push mower

  6. Starts on first pull, runs great, BUT, when I stop it, will not start until I let it sit for an hour. This has been going on for a second year now. Plug cap is tight and filter is clean. Even changed the plug. Any suggestions?

  7. How to replace rotary drive belt on a craftsman rotary lawnmower.

  8. My Craftsman 917370431 is leaking gas from the cap. I replaced the cap but still leaking. Could you tell me what could be wrong?

  9. I just bought an mtd 4 stroke lawnmower, I stupidly poured the 4 stroke engine oil that came with it into the gas tank. I poured it all out what else should i do? just pour some gas into it and start it up?, yes I tried starting it with the oil in it. (yes I know I'm a dumbass).

  10. I have a 12 hp electric walk behind lawnmower; it stalls I wait 2 min it will start and then run for 30 second and then stall; help

  11. My lawnmower's motor keeps vibrating loudly, and its damaging the machine . I Tried using fuel stabilizar in the gas but it kept vibrating the engine. What am i supposed to do? Lawnmower is an MDC model.

  12. You can download repair manuals for almost any lawnmower built in the last years from the Manufacturers web site –

  13. is there any way to slow down the speed of a self propelled troy-bilt 12a-46-mo11.

    I have had double hip surgery and now the mower pulls me too fast….

  14. Lever on riding mower won't work so mower won't go

  15. how to fix steering problem on troy built riding lawn mower?

  16. I don't get it… if the gas isn't good for your lawn mower, why would it be good for your car?

  17. thanks…i'll see what I can do …..

  18. thanks, the cable was the problem.  i saw it move but i guess its stretched out now? replacing asap.  Thank you again, great video!

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