Are 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kits value it? Let's discover out!

Lots of requests for testing on 2-stroke engines. A 2-stroke bike seems like a great way to performance test alternative fuels and additives. I purchased the …


  1. lets add nitrous to this should be a most glorious death

  2. love these bikes. some kits are better than others for sure. ive built dozens and have a ball building them~ all are welcome to check out my channel for bike videos~





  3. How about making it faster 👀🤔

  4. If you only use it for the video can I buy it off of you for about $40-$50 because I have always wanted to get one!

  5. I forgot to mention in my comment that I also drilled a hole in the head and installed a decompression valve from a chainsaw and that makes it easier to start spinning the engine on starting.

  6. Nice video! I just finished installing a similar engine kit on an older 24 inch wheel bike. A 26 inch bike wheel model would be easier because it would have more room for the engine area. I took my bike out the other day for a spin and it worked great! However I didn't go too fast because the road was covered with hard packed snow with grooves in it, and there was a cold wind blowing! I drilled a hole in the CDI shield inline with the end of the crankshaft, and now I can use my cordless drill with a 13 mm deep socket to start the motor in the shop.

  7. I just noticed that on this video and the 4 stroke bike install that you used both Huffy Thunder Ridge 26" Mtb. Now the problem is that I just bought another bike and it happened to be the same bike you're using 😂 what O.D. PVC pipe did you use.

  8. How to buy the engine . Please sir give me engine name .
    And all parts name

  9. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP. I recently put my motorized bike together. Without the spark plug in, the engine wants to turn over when I release the clutch. With the sparkplug, it does NOTHING. WHATS WRONG!

  10. My issue is my tank when it has fuel in it it will be completely dry with in 2 minutes of letting the bike sit. so i am going to check the fuel shut off but even if that isn't working the carb should be holding all the fuel but it is not? Not sure what to do.

  11. Hey I bought a 50cc after watching this video and the clutch sprocket doesn't spin freely. How can I fix that?

  12. Possible to modify to have the drive side on gear side? Would like to see gear change for high speed …until feeling unsafe.

  13. Get rid of the crappy rag joint and tensioner if you want to live. Check out forum for all the tricks to make them stay together.

  14. Chinese make good looking junk….. I got a e ton scooter 630 mi. used, 1yr later went to shredder . Top end are weak. Part prices joke. 🤧 bad clutch cvt.

  15. Aw man yours only had a dent in the tank? mine came with a hole 🙁

    Also really fun when the tensioner gives out, jump chain, and decides to slice your leg open

  16. Yeah more Chinese junk.

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  18. Engine ka Milta hai bolo Zara

  19. Do you think one of these Chinese 2 cycles engines will run on diesel?

  20. U should get some upgrades for your bike like bigger cylinder head and new performance carb btw i have a couple of those engines and i almost destroyed the piston by running it on rubbing alchohol for 3 months no oil the only problem it the mount bolts are very weak and snaped in the engine try making a strait pipe for your bike and run it off carosine

  21. i fitted a washing machine motor to my gfs bike, havent seen her since, last time i heard she was on her way to planet Mars

  22. Looks like the front tire might be mounted backwards. (Check for an arrow)

  23. $200, 2 days work and I've got a non working engine and a fucked up bike. fuck this

  24. Great trick to get viewer 😀😀😀😀😀

  25. Dont suppose you could figure out a bypass for the peddle start?
    Mine is my main mode of transport and not being able to fire it up during cold weather is killing me lol

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