88 to 98 Chevrolet Truck Widespread Issues

In this video I show you the common problems that you might have if you own a 1988 to 1998 Chevrolet truck. General Motors trucks, including Chevrolet and …


  1. I just fixed a hard-to-fn-find issue on a 1995 Sub. Rolling idle and cutting out at idle and driving. Turns out the "set timing" brown wire under the dash had a connector that was corroded and delivered an intermittent signal. I fixed it be removing the ECM and the dash harness connector to allow me to pull the harness out onto the floor where I could work on it. I cut out the old connector and soldered in 2 new wires about a foot long for easy access.
    I just stripped the ends and am using a wire nut for now. The dist finally has a reliable Bypass* signal.

  2. My 95 stepside still be trucking along.

  3. location for cruise control fuse for 1993

  4. Here's one for ya I got a 93 k1500 my brake lights went out I still have all my other rear lights so replaced bulbs fuse and pedal switch still no good rewired the ground wire and still nothing any suggestions anyone

  5. I have a 95’ but it doesn’t have an EGR valve. It’s running at 1500 RPM and I don’t know how to fix it. Help?

  6. I've got a '93 with 414,000 miles original motor!
    Good job on the [email protected]

  7. Steering idler arm dampener plagued me on my 1500 92wt until I put a 3500 one on it. The adjusters on the front torsion bars are only a lift kit if you like ripping your shocks in half. Rear cab corners pocket water and you don't know it til the rust makes a nice drain hole. The access hole in the bed to replace fuel pump is awesome except when the duct tape gives out and the cutout gets lost. Vented fenders just above the wheel thanks to the ghetto chrome trim trapping dirt. All that and more and I still just bought a 98 GMC Sierra Z71 4×4. Like a GM truck I am a glutton for punishment.

  8. What's your opinion on is a 700r better then a 4l60e ?

  9. Will a 1990 5.7 engine out of a Chevy Cheyenne fit in the 1996 though 1998 Chevy trucks

  10. Ive got a 96 1500 with 225k miles and i have / have had every one of these problems! Best $1500 ever spent

  11. The seat in my truck is to close to the steering wheel. Is there a modification to move it back

  12. 88-98 GMT 400/450 Full-sized trucks and SUVs that spent a lot of time outside in the rust belt region (or anywhere heavy snow is common) will begin to rust in the following areas. Cab corners, wheel arches, rocker panels, lower outer door skins, and in the lower rear bedsides between the wheels and rear bumper.

  13. Mine has piston slap noise when its 50 degrees or so louder when in the 30 degree weather ..goes away as the engine warms up …got it with 140000 now has 204000…still runs and tows good 4 quarts 20/50 1 quart stp…two bottles equal 1 qt. No rust windshield had leak ,went around both sides of rubber strip wiped excess off, no leak now but headliner is coming down because of old windshield leak great truck!!!!!! Paid 1200 4 years ago .only replaced starter and cap and rotor!!!

  14. I got a 97 tahoe 5.7 and I love it…

  15. They also had alot of distributor problems if you have a model more towards 88.

  16. I'm just going to go ahead and say a 350 TBI is better and more reliable then a 350 vortec

  17. Inside door handles will break off. Spider injection on the Vortec motors will have to be replaced. Rock Auto has both parts pretty cheap.

  18. Funny i have a 94 and i have a 6.5 600,000 miles will never sell or trade it btw mine is a v8

  19. I have two 93 c1500s
    One has 201,000
    The other has 330,000
    Best Trucks I've ever owned

  20. your uncle in Gatlinburg TN . funny aren't you original

  21. I have a 1991 C1500 and i’ve always had a weird glugging sound after i let off the gas, getting a rebuilt throttle body after i’ve revolved many things hoping it would fix it ! suggestions are welcome

  22. most of these trucks are still used by the DOT still uses them but their in really rough shape and their rooting out they tend to rot out alot in the salt belt states

  23. when you said the "bodies dont rust" definately dont apply up north where we use craploads of salt, my dads, and my own late 90s chevys are rusty as crap.

  24. A lot of times with the year of GM product is the blower motor resistor so you can go under the hood or in behind the glove box pop the clip to it off first before you do anything and cut it back on too high if it runs on high your blower motor resistor is gone

  25. I have a 99 GMC Yukon 1500 slt 2wd 5.7 liter small block 350 all original parts with 324,240 miles on it. Chevy is great. it has alot of Chevy parts 🙂 still running to this day

  26. Dat Interior Crocodile Alligator reference tho

  27. Got dem vin diesel taillights doe 😂

  28. Thanks for info on the A/C !

  29. Does anyone know if these trucks still used the POS GM Nylon gear timing sprockets? I am getting ready to install a new water pump and can't find any information on what timing chain and sprockets came with these trucks. If it's the nylon tipped I will change it, but No One (parts guys, mechanics, GM, online) seems to know when (or if) GM quit using these nylon tipped gears……….I am original owner of a 1995 K1500 ext cab with 110K miles.

  30. Fun fact: This Silverado's wheels have the center caps with the visible lug nuts, GM stopped making those in 1996 and henceforth every Silverado/Sierra/Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban had the center cap that hid the lug nuts. In 1998, GM decided to go with the hidden style for GMC and the open style for Chevrolet. They stopped that around 2007.

  31. I have a 96 4.3 c1500. It's an old farm truck and like yours, the rust on the hood sucks. The owner before me spray painted it and now it has two different shades of green😂. Still though, a good truck overall and don't have alot of complaints about it

  32. Thanks bud just bought a 94 running good lil smoke

  33. Idk what he meant by they dont rust🤣

  34. I have a 1994 Sierra C1500, imported to NZ from California, no rust, engine perfect after 186,000 miles. Love the sound that 350 makes!

  35. I got a 97 GMC 2wd short bed factory lowered and my brake lights and turn signals on the rear don't work

  36. I drive a 95 GMC and it's a fuckin tank. I bought it last year from a guy who beat the shit out of it and didn't change the oil in 6 YEARS..still running fine. Had to replace the fuel pump, factory upper control arms and joints, actuator and shocks (shocks were rusting away.)

  37. Thx for the vid.i have a 97 silvarado with the 5.7 vortech(350) and ive owned lots of tgese trucks but im having a problem with this one and cant figur it out for the life of me.the truck just shuts off radomly,ounly at a idol or puting into gear.and it doesnt do it all the time bout every 2 weeks anny thayts i shur could use some help.thx.

  38. I’m a Chevy guy and I’ll tell you the 4L60e is garbage

  39. If it’s 4×4 does that not make it the K1500 then not the C

  40. Only problem with these trucks is they stopped makin’ em!!

  41. 1989 k3500 454, the 4×4 actuator goes out every couple years, keep a spare behind the seat, to further rant about that it sure would be nice to just use hubs like every other truck of that era

  42. My 02 1500 has a welded frame near driver rear tire, interior door handle broke off, outside handle stays open unless pushed in, tailgate doesnt function, gaslines rotted, gas gauge doesnt work usually, sometime wont go in 4×4 high, electricc seats dont work, heater work once in a while, window off track, passenger window takes forever to go up.
    My 03 f150 Fix exhaust manifold leak, coil packs and rear axle seals.
    Both have had standard front end maintenance also.

  43. Silverado year 2000, 2500 series with 6.0 …..Here is a tip for you high mile silverado. oil pick up has an upper o-ring that will go bad and eventually let air to get sucked in to the oil pump ! if your oil pressure gauge is twitchy… this is probably why. so pull your pan off and replace the o-ring, mine went bad at 270k miles..

  44. Hopefully gonna buy a 98 with 118k on it for 3k. Love these trucks.

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