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Great Alternatives to Google Site Search (GSS)

Need Alternatives to Google Site Search? Here are the Good Ones

When you’re looking for something specific on a company’s website, what’s the quickest and easiest way to find it? Use the search bar, of course. Internal site search is an important part of the user experience.

Aside from making it easier for visitors to quickly find what they need, having a search bar on your website improves search engine optimization and also helps boost conversion rates. Research from eConsultancy (summarized in a recent Moz article) shows 30 percent of website visitors will perform an on-site search, and those who do are twice as likely to convert. Many companies have a search bar right in the header area of their sites and most have utilized Google’s tools to accomplish this.

However, you can no longer purchase Google Site Search (GSS), and by April 1, 2018, it will be completely shut down. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to Google Site Search that are worth considering. We’ve done some homework so you don’t have to.

The Best Google Site Search Alternatives

1. Zoomd  

(Free? | http://zoomd.com/) . We tested the demo on a website I own and it seems very promising and easy to setup. It appears to have an ad supported system with revenue sharing, but we’ve ranked it near the bottom due to lack of information.

Zoomd Search is an on-site search which replaces the standard search and transforms it into discovery recommendations with better users’ engagement. Zoomd clients report an increase in page views and longer time on site. The innovative technology behind Zoomd uses NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to offer the users customized and optimized content based on crowd experience.

Product Description

Zoomd actionable search is an in-site search platform. The product provides website visitors an engaging user experience to explore site content through search and discovery interface. The solution is based on a patented technology enabling efficient, fast, and accurate search functionality. Thanks to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and Machine Learning algorithms, the Zoomd platform analyzes the current context and while combining it with understanding user intent, it recommends the most relevant content.

The system crawls your entire website information and automatically breaks it down into categorized elements. It further builds a semantic map of the entire content recognizing types of content and generating a structured collection of data pieces. For example, the platform will recognize images, texts, links, titles, names, etc. Based on this structured data breakdown, the product then generates a search index. Such approach allows presenting the site content within the Zoomd search via visually rich results. The search results are provided through an optimized search and discovery process, allowing users to easily find and navigate through the site content they are looking for.


The search is being performed instantaneously while users are typing their search queries. The system allows to prioritize content based on flexible rules, such as promoting certain site sections or certain types of pages. The results ranking can be based on date or relevancy to address your website needs.

With its visual user experience, advanced search functionality and high flexibility, Zoomd search provides a powerful discovery and search functionality for your site visitors, increasing content visibility and user engagement.

Zoomd is a cloud based service. Its operation does not require any resources from your servers.

The Zoomd crawler is automatically collecting the website content, classifies it and breaks it down into semantic map of categorized elements. The structured set of content is processed and inserted into the Zoomd search platform, providing scalable search index for your website.

The integration of Zoomd search into any website is fast and simple. The presentation layer is deployed by adding a piece of java script code. The configuration and user interface adjustments are performed directly within the Zoomd system.

 2- Algolia

(Free – $899/month | https://www.algolia.com/product) Algolia is a powerful search engine with a number of great options and a robust developer API. It boasts a number of features including typo-tolerance, geo search, synonyms, language-agnostic, filters and facets, advanced language processing, custom ranking, and personalization. Algolia offers a free version that supports up to 10,000 records and 100k ops per month, but it comes branded for Algolia.